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Teddy Tucker: Adventure Is My Life   DVD: $15

A fascinating look at the life of one of Bermuda’s most colorful and accomplished heroes, a true pioneer of marine exploration.  Hear firsthand interviews and experiences with Teddy Tucker. Hosted by close friend, Peter Benchley (author of Jaws).  52 mins.



Oceans in Motion: Bermuda Sea Level Rise   DVD: $15

A fascinating discovery by Teddy Tucker, of submerged cedar roots 30 feet beneath the surface of the ocean, tracks the sea level rise over 20,000 years in Bermuda.  Teddy joined by Canadian marine geologist, Steve Blasco investigate Bermuda’s depths for clues about its natural history.  Hosted by close friend, Peter Benchley (author of Jaws).  24 mins.


Treasure! A Diver's Life by Teddy Tucker.   Hardcover: $59.95

A summary of Teddy Tucker’s work on shipwrecks and other projects on and under the sea.  Includes photographs, paintings and drawings from the early 1950s to the present day and reveals how technology has progressed since the early underwater pioneers.  416 pages and 326 illustrations.



Shipwreck! History from the Bermuda Reefs by Ivor Noel Hume:   Paperback: $10

Noel, a pioneer in the now worldwide discipline of historical archaeology and recognized authority on artifacts from the 16th to the 18th centuries.  Ivor Noel Hume worked with Teddy Tucker on the wreck, Warwick (1619) in Castle Harbour, Bermuda.  Paintings and Research by Teddy Tucker.


Teddy Tucker Bermuda Shipwreck Map:   Print: $12.75

25" x 19"

Over the last 450 years many ships have been wrecked on the treacherous reefs that surround the islands of Bermuda.  This map is compiled and painted by Teddy Tucker after many years of research.  Most of the wrecks were discovered and researched by Teddy Tucker.


Teddy Tucker Bermuda Shipwreck Placemat:   $10

16 ¼” x 12”

Laminated card placemat featuring Teddy Tucker’s famous shipwreck map.


Blanche King painted by Teddy Tucker:   Print: $10

22" x 19"

Blanche King, a four mastered American schooner, Capt. Pattison.  Wrecked on Bermuda’s western reefs in May 1920.  Bound from Baltimore to Bermuda and with a cargo coal.


Constellation painted by Teddy Tucker:   Print: $10

22" x 19"

American four-masted schooner, Capt. Howard Neves.  Wrecked July 31, 1943, bound from New York to La Guira, Venezuela with a general cargo.  Teddy Tucker was the inspiration for the blockbuster underwater film, The Deep and the Constellation and her cargo played an important role in the film.


Tucker Cross Necklace. Reproduction one and three quarter inches:   $50

The ship San Pedro, a Spanish noa, wrecked November 1595 and was bound from Cartagena to Cadiz, Spain.  Treasure was recovered from 1955—1961 by Teddy Tucker and Robert Canton.  The emerald and gold cross recovered, is known as the Tucker Cross.