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A keen naturalist, observing and recording the creatures of the waters around him.

Caught the treasure hunting bug scratching for coins on the beach near his home.

Spent hours talking with the divers and fishermen at the docks.

First started diving at the age of 12, working at the helmet dive operation at the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo.



Went to sea at 16 and joined the Royal Navy at the age of 18.

During World War II, trained in underwater sabotage.

1947, bought a boat and started an underwater salvage and construction business.

Contracted by the Bermudian Government to recover non-ferrous metals from modern shipwrecks.



Started searching for shipwrecks with his wife Edna and brother-in-law Robert Canton.

In 1955, discovered treasure on the wreck of the San Pedro.

In 1956 first worked with Mendel Peterson of the Smithsonian Institution.

In 1957, working on the San Antonio, he and Mendel developed the techniques for accurately recording a wreck site.




With Mendel Peterson, developed the scientific discipline of Marine Archaeology.

Discovered and excavated scores of shipwrecks around Bermuda.

Fronted a Bermuda Tourism marketing campaign in New York and at home.

Assisted US Navy in a series of projects: Sealab, Submersible, SOSUS.



Studied the Atlantic Humpback Whale migration with Steve Katona and Dr Greg Stone. 

Discovered the six gill shark in Bermuda's waters.

The inspiration for, consulted on and featured in the movie 'The Deep'.



Started a series of deep sea studies on the sea mount with lines and traps.

Founding member of the Beebe Project, 1984 -92 for deep ocean research.

Reintroduced the locally extinct, West Indian Top Shell to Bermuda.

Honorary member of the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology.



Hosted a multinational team to test deep water video equipment for the IMAX film 'Titanica'.

Distinguished Service Award, Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences.

Awarded the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

Member of National Geographic expeditions in New Zealand and the Marshall Islands.



Founding member of the Bermuda Sea Level Study.

Lowell Thomas Award for 'Challenging the Deep', New York Explorers Club.

Founding member of the Sargasso Sea Alliance.

Consultant and Producer for National Geographic Sargasso Sea expedition.