Peter Benchley, author of Jaws and The Deep, described his close friend, Teddy as a walking encyclopedia:

'A master of every discipline having to do with history and the ocean. One of the great autodidacts in the history of science.

He has more hands on expertise in the ocean than almost any other scientist or explorer. He could be part fish, part sea lion, part dolphin but he is definitely a creature of the ocean. He virtually knows the ocean and everything about it better than any man I have ever seen.’

Teddy mused that: ‘a day not spent in the underwater world, a day not spent diving, would seem to me a day lost, wasted and empty’. This love of the ocean was married to a hunger for knowledge, a sharp mind and a photographic memory.

Teddy Tucker, May 8th, 1925 - June 9th, 2014.