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The Encyclopaedia of Markings and Decoration on Artillery is a new tool of research created for the use of scientists in all fields of History. Mendel Peterson crafted it. 

Mendel Lazear Peterson (1918-2003) spent his whole life learning to read cannon language. In all the important Army, Navy and History museums of the world, he has studied, deciphered and photographed well above twelve thousand bronze and iron cannons, howitzers and mortars. 

The purpose of the encyclopaedia is double: To present if belatedly, a record of the information that existed and was available to the historians on the subject of ancient artillery, in the museums of the world, during the lifetime of Mendel L. Peterson, and to inform the historians of what remains where, today, of the material evidence he has seen, photographed and studied some fifty years ago. 

The Encyclopaedia of Markings and Decoration on Artillery is available to view in full via the links below:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

We understand that research material on this topic needs to be fluid to reflect developments as new information comes to light. We welcome feedback from the wider community and the Encyclopaedia Updates page accommodates comments and additional information we have received from readers.